About Moronface Team:

Let's face it!
You would like to look funny but you do not like to call your self moron. Relax..., moronize yourself and upload your photo. You're welcome in the moron club with thousands of moron members. No worriezzz, we are morons too! Check our stories...

Brunzliccchhhh, CEO but moron anyway! He thinks he knows something about web design and marketing. This web pages are as ugly as he is! It's better that he continues to work as farmer.


Markoronus, useless PHP programming and disasterous site dynamic. Normally, he's writing the code full of bugs and errors. Also is scheduled to break his fingers and stop spending 99% of time debugging.

Viktorius, PHP, administration and customer support. He's trying to learn programming but after some progress he made, we found out that is better to promote him to become our secretary and bring us coffee.

Vanzeta, moronzzz editor. She learned photoshop yesterday and she dreams that she will be capable one day to understand difference between "save" and "save as" option.


Fionzzzza, tekst editor and Inglish prooofriding. She had guud inglish skilz and here is not sccare for gramar erorrz. She take ker of all and we all belive her.


Ben, our pet and project manager... he brings decisions about all :)...because quality matters... If he thinks the photo is funny, he will put his pad on it and approve it for site!!!

New Moronface Team Members:

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Mr.Sanju, the our sexyest team member from India. He editing faces so fast and good that we are all impressed with his work and speed. We thinking to slow him down by finding 2-3 additional girlfriends for him. Girls, he is still FREE...Free like this web site!

Onizuka, our new excillent editor with a cute rounded happy face. He dreams that he will be one day completely naked with his girlfriend. However we are pround on his face distruction dissabilities. He knows 2-3 things in photoshop and 7-8 things in 3d studio max.

Join to moron face team...

I do not care what your ages are, color of your skin, your country of living, all I would like that you help me make the funniest face photos in the world.
If you have some free time or you simply want to destroy some fresh morons, start to moronize people today, together with me and help me. People want to be moronized!!! This is so cool and relaxing.

If you know how to make pictures funny, or you have idea how to help me promote my site then I need you soooo much. I need face editors and people who can spread word about us all over internet (post links to forums, say something about us, use social sites, blogs, web sites etc). If you do anything for us I will insert your moronized photo here as my team member. I hope this page will become endless...

To start photos editing click here -> moronface team and join me.
To help me in marketing contact me to info@moronface.com. We accepting experts, bigginers, enthusiasts and all people with good ideas. Become my team player today...please.. ;D

CEO and moronface editor