Advertize here! gives you great opportunity to advertise. We have currently more than 200,000 page loads per month. This is still growing in number, since we just started our pages in June 2008. Our pages practically exploded in this short time because this is a great entertainment site.
We still offer you very low and competitive prices for ads. In general we use Horizontal and Vertical ads.

Vertical ads - are placed on vertical space of our pages:

  • Link Ad - will be inserted textual link (or anchor text)  - 10 $/month
  • Micro Banner - banner (160 x 31) - 30$/month
  • Mini Banner - banner (160x80) - 40$/month
  • Normal Banner - 160 x 160 - 50$/month
  • Sky-Scraper Banner - 160 x 600 - 75$/month

Examples for vertical ads:


Horizontal ads - placed between two funny photos (as example down)

  • Horizontal Banner - 728 x 90 - 75 $/month
  • Textual Links in row or any textual content which can be fitted in one row of width 728pix. - 50$/month

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